Nathan Nuttboard Family Matters

Family Matters Hi ResUQP, 2006

  • Winner, WA Young Reader’s Book Awards – Hoffman Prize

“Families, on the whole, are great. Don’t get me wrong. Even mine. Okay, so we have the odd argument, but usually only over minor things…”

The Nuttboards are back. And if they thought camping at the beach was an adventure, just wait until their long lost grandfather announces that he’s coming to visit from Scotland… perminantly!

A situation like this can only mean one thing – someone’s gotta go. But when your cunning plan involves a set of false teeth, a thousand stuffed animals, and a wheelie bin full of fish guts, only one thing’s for certain – Nathan and his mate Gnarly have got their work cut out for them.

But in a family like the Nuttboards, nothing is ever easy. Especially when family matters, right?