Nathan Nuttboard Upstaged

Upstaged Hi ResUQP, 2009

  • CBCA Notable Australian Children’s Book

Grade seven is not going well for Nathan Nuttboard. His mother is filling his sandwiches with pet food, his friends are crazy, his teacher is full of ‘interesting’ ideas and, when he is publicly dumped by the most popular girl in his class, he reckons things can’t get any worse.

But then he’s unexpectedly – and unwillingly – cast as the lead actor in the school’s end-of-year play and he soon realises that there are worse things than pickle and catfood sandwiches…

But, all the world’s a stage and, even if it means having to kiss your ex-girlfriend in front of your friends and family, the show must go on.

The third book in Anthony Eaton’s Nathan Nuttboard series is a funny, heartwarming and honest look at school, family, friends and the things that really matter.